Our Mission:

Founded in 2014, the Access Partners Scholarship fund is a private charitable foundation committed to serving young business school students by assisting them financially, mentoring them, and helping them gain career placement in the world of business. Our efforts involve four activities:

1. Awarding scholarships to deserving business students
2. Matching students with sales mentors in our industry
3. Providing meaningful internships for our students
4. Assisting our students with career placement in our industry

Our program is involved directly with the business school and faculty at Cal-Poly Pomona University. We seek to educate business students about our industry, assist them with scholarships and internships, and then complete the process by helping them find full time employment.

Each student is matched with a mentor from our industry, who assists them throughout the process. We are helping young people bridge the gap between the academic world and the real world, and finding work for them immediately upon their graduation from college.