Rhen Bass accepts internship with Reckitt Benckiser

Rhen Bass, a senior at Cal-Poly, has accepted an internship position with Reckit Benckiser, a fortune 500 company and maker of Lysol products, Easy off oven cleaner and many other commercial products. Rhen was chosen from among a group of terrific candidates, all Cal-Poly business students. Rhen will be working with Reckitt until his graduation in December of 2015, at which point he hopes to become a full time sales associate. Congratulations to Rhen and here’s to his future success in our industry.

Nick Gable hired as intern by Access Partners

Nick Gable has recently accepted a position at Access Partners as a summer intern for the company. Nick will be working in the field making sales calls on behalf of Access Partners principals and under the direction of Robert Ricci. Nick has previous experience with Jack in the Box, and is student in the Cal-poly business school. Nick expects to graduate in June of 2016, and we hope to place him in a career position in our industry.

Matt Traynor wins Salesman of the week award

Matt Traynor, a recently hired intern working in packaging sales for Access Partners, was awarded the “salesman of the week” award by Access Partners sales manager David Mills. Matt has been an intern with Access Partners for several months, and has not only hit the ground running, but has garnered his first sales award in short order. Congratulations to Matt for a job well done.

Access Partners to support Cal-Poly Center for Sales Excellence

Access Partners Foundation has made a major contribution to Cal-Poly Pomona to help in the development of their new “Center for Sales Excellence.” The new center will help focus efforts within
The business school to establish Cal-Poly as one of the nation’s pre-eminent sales training business programs. The contribution by Access Partners is a part of our ongoing effort to support professional
Sales development programs within the University. A part of the program will be a certification program, both for students within the school and for outside businesses in the community that need
Sales training for their employees.